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Johnny did a great job getting me the interest rate that I needed for an affordable monthly mortgage payment. He was great.

Shirley L. – California

Robert Smith of Inline lending did a great job assisting me with an FHA Streamline loan for my family. It took only a few days, he got all my questions answered, and walked me through the process with no problems.

Scott G. – Arizona

Stephen was the best! He worked with me every step of the way and was on top of everything. These guys know their stuff and can’t say enough about Steven.

Trish K. – California

I recently completed a FHA home loan with Johnny. I’m very happy with what he was able to do for me.

Bob F. – Arizona
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My streamline refinancing FHA loan is now complete. I never thought I could save a hundred dollars on my monthly payment each month and get money back. These guys are great!

Sean R. – Washington

John Neafus at Inline Mortgage did a fantastic job assisting me with a veteran home loan. The best part of the process was that was done quickly and that I got money back when other companies were not able to. I can’t say enough about this company and would highly recommend for any veteran or homeowner looking buy or refinance.

Dale K. – California

Rob was fantastic in helping me with my streamline VA loan refinancing. It is now complete and I’m very happy with the outcome. I skipped two payments, received a $2500 check, and a 5% decrease in my monthly payment. Boom!

Charles S. – Nevada

Compared to other lenders, Johnny was able to lower my mortgage payment by $50 a month for a streamline FHA loan compared to other lenders.

Tom A. - California

"I cannot tell you what a relief it is knowing that there are people out there not just looking to make a buck. I called Johnny as I had 2 quotes from 2 different lenders for refinancing my home. The market had gone up by the time I had got to him, BUT our interactions did not stop there. Johnny could have easily just let me go seeing as how at that time he could not beat the offers had. He did not. He took his own time and saw I was struggling and afraid to make the wrong decision. I sent him my offers and he went through them. Initially, he told me one offer was better for said reasons. After I got off the phone, he discussed with his colleagues and actually took the time to call me back to say he was wrong and the other was better. Neither was his offer. Folks, you rarely meet these people in the business world. As a wife to a veteran and business owner myself, I could not believe he took his time trying to help me out, and for what?! I am grateful to you Johnny for your time, for your honesty and for your selflessness. YOU are why this company will be successful and I will keep you on the mind in the future. I appreciate you and your time and cannot thank you enough! Thanks again, Johnny, and thank you for your service as a veteran!"

Hiedi Groner - Arizona

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