We are a veteran owned & operated mortgage company located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Inline Lending specializes in helping customers know when to refinance and helping them get most savings in the process when the time comes. 

Inline’s loan officers have extensive home refinancing knowledge, background, and experience. In addition, each loan member is trained to drive customer value first. This goes for every call and every homeowner looking to refinance. We give back and that’s mission and culture.

Our team of home loan refinancing experts have a proven track record of assisting many happy homeowners. Refinancing options include VA loans, FHA loans, convention loans,  ARM loans, streamlines, & other refinancing options. 


Our mission is to give back to the veteran community and to provide the best home loan and refinancing options for each customer while saving them the most money in the process. 


Our trained and experienced team of loan officers are experts when it comes to refinancing your mortgage, saving you money, and advising you months before you’re available to refinance.

That is why we mail out your special postcard months ahead informing you that we can help you save and refinance your home with 100% service satisfaction.  This helps you prepare and most importantly save on your mortgage.

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This company offers the best rates on VA loans in California.

Patrick M

Johnny saved me thousands of dollars on my mortgage.

Jon G

Rob is an expert when it comes to saving your money on a home loan.

Denise C

The guys helped me refinance to pay $50 more a month to my principal while keeping the same payment.

Doug L